Commit bf8960c3 authored by Matthew Burket's avatar Matthew Burket

Addeds docs to tokenize

parent 90c96e42
......@@ -4,14 +4,25 @@
#include "tokenize.h"
/// Takes in the user input and tokenizes it
/// \param string user input
/// \param output
/// \return number of tokens
int tokenize(char *string, char **output) {
// Make strtok thread safe
char *strtok_save;
// Our Delimiter is a space
char *del = " ";
// First call is special
output[0] = strtok_r(string, del, &strtok_save);
char *token = output[0];
// Number of tokens is one
int i = 1;
while (token != NULL) {
// String is NULL to keep getting tokens from the string pass in the first call of strtok_r
token = strtok_r(NULL, del, &strtok_save);
// Set the output
output[i] = token;
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